St. Juliana School provides an excellent program of academic and extracurricular activities that combine to prepare students intellectually, emotionally and spiritually for a life-long love of learning. In addition, we make our children the responsible citizen of our country

The Classroom

Our Primary aim is to motivate the children to strive for academic excellence in a happy environment, free from stress.

English is the medium of instruction. Hindi is however, compulsory and all efforts are made to ensure that students are proficient in both languages.

Our students are introduced to computer very early, are encouraged to explore the medium and to become comfortable with it.

We also have smart class, a digital teaching system that has been adopted by over 5,500 progressive schools in India. It is transforming the way teachers teach and students learn in schools.

And Beyond

We believe that education is not confined to the classroom. There is a much bigger world to explore, and our effort always is to expose our students to a wide range of activities:

  • Book fair and book clubs organized by Scholastic, the world’s largest pusher and distributor of children’s books
  • Educational trips to museums and local institutions
  • Gardening and nature walks
  • Education films and television programmes
  • Science experiments in the laboratory
  • Inter-school science quiz
  • Debates and elocution

The school has excellent library with a largest number of books, including an extensive selection of reference books designed especially for children.

Home & School Connection

The Parent Portal is your window to all that's happening with your student and the school. Our faculty regularly communicates homework and class activities via their classroom blogs, and parents are encouraged to subscribe to automatic email updates. Parents can follow their students' individual academic and behavioral progress through the privacy and security of PowerSchool.